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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shall We Dance?

The rain came in today, and as I watched it softly tap against my window, I noticed the leaves. It seemed to start with just one single leaf, swirling and swaying in unison with the rain and gentle wind.

I watched more carefully, I could see many more leaves joining in this beautiful dance that they performed outside my window.

Paying no attention to me, watching their performance, awe struck by their graceful moves, all moving in different directions only changing tempo at the hands of their conductors wind and rain.

I could hear nothing, I needed no sound.

I smiled as my breath fogged up the glass and their show took on a dreamy haze, my contribution from inside.

Every year the seasons change, its something we can’t control. It’s a process that must happen and we can either let it pass with blinders on or we can get out there and dance among the leaves with a smile.

Life mimics the cycle of the seasons. It gradually eases from one phase to another, with small subtle changes that we often overlook until we are in the middle of its term and have missed the beauty it has brought with it.

We can close our windows, lock the doors, and hole up inside or we can throw them open and let the newness in.

I feel like at times we shy away from things that change in our lives, because we feel our contribution to life is small or not important.

What a sad untruth!

We are in control of ourselves, and when we give even in the smallest way, it is just not that small.

Change is not bad, change is mandatory.

We can fight it, push it away and cover our eyes but if we peek from behind our hands we just might see the magnificent beauties unveiled before us and feel enticed to jump in with both feet.

Life blows around us as the wind, heavy at times, refreshing at others, bringing with it the wonderful unnoticed gifts like those brilliant, bright leaves.

The hues making our lives filled with color and excitement.

The rain of life isn’t always a dark and gloomy cloud. It is a cleansing.

A cleansing to our souls, a chance to start fresh, clean, renewed after our world has been bathed by its pure donation.

Control your seasons, bring in the color, jump head first into a pile of newly raked leaves, or simply provide the foggy breath on the glass. Just be sure to be a part of the change. It is a glorious feeling to welcome in the new possibilities, even in the smallest ways.

With that being said, Shall we dance?

Let’s dance in the new season of autumn, a new time in our life, a dance that we all do in different directions.

Swaying and moving, enjoying everything new around us.

The winds of change blowing in, and brushing softly against our cheeks as we drift and turn and swirl.

Here are my thoughts! Happy Day All!

TC ;)

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