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Monday, December 27, 2010

Hey You With Your Nose Up In The Air!

My date and I were headed into a restaurant one fall evening, and as I glanced to my left I saw a woman who worked at a local business, someone I had spoken with many times.

She smiled brightly when our eyes met.

I excused myself from my date for a moment.

We exchanged hellos and I inquired about her children and her life in general.

She continued to smile as I walked away waving.

Upon my return to my date, I could see he was visibly disgusted by the look on his face and his clenched jaw.

He informed me that I was to never do that again. Do what? I asked.

With a look of total repulsion he said I was to never speak to or been seen talking to someone beneath me, as he put it ‘Of low class”.

What? Are you kidding me?

I laughed and said what in the blank are you talking about?

He said it looked bad to been seen talking to someone with of her lack of social standing.

Ahhh! My blood began to boil, I could feel the anger rise to my vocal chords and I told this useless snob that I would speak to anyone. I would always talk to that woman. He didn’t know her, I had come to think very highly of her and I knew of her tough financial times, her hardships as a single parent for which I could relate and I had never seen her when she wasn’t pleasant and always looking on the bright side. He on the other hand was far too busy keeping his nose in the air to ever notice that below that stuck up snout were living breathing people, who had feelings, souls, hearts and struggles.

I then informed Mr. Fancy Pants that he would go inside, buy my low life self dinner, get it to go, take me home, with my Styrofoam plate in hand and be gone! We didn’t speak one word on the way back to my place and as I exited his snooty, perfectly detailed vehicle I didn’t look back to see if he even noticed that I had mouthed some not so nice words to him.

How dare he? Who in this world said he was judge and jury on who is “good enough” and who is deserving of my smiles, conversation and acquaintanceship


I can’t imagine going through life thinking I was better than another person that my life meant more than another. That my words were more important that the next human being. That my existence was greater in value than another.

This is something that truly grinds my gears, but today I am speaking about 2 topics, being rude and also acting holier than thou to others.

I have a very low tolerance for people who look down on others, and an even lower tolerance for those that rank themselves too good and use to that as a mask to be rude.

I see it all around me, with “friends” family and in just every day life.

Folks kissing up to order to rub elbows with the rich, important, beautiful, appealing people that they think are the only ones in this world who matter. Hey guess what, they are no better than you, me and the sweet humble lady standing in front of the restaurant that I see smiling back at me.

Ok so you have a better job, lifestyle, car, clothing and social standing than someone else, that makes you worth more? That makes you capable of looking down on people who aren’t as blessed as you? That gives you the right to speak down to, ignore and ridicule those of us who have seen hard times, have scars and wounds and are just as happy if not happier to have been given another day in life and rise above the hand we have been dealt?

How hard is it to be kind? Is it easier and more convenient to be rude? If you close your eyes or keep your blinders on will it make those that aren’t of your worth go away?

I will certainly answer this for you! No they are there, and hey ya know what, those kind people actually feel sorry for your arrogant, stuck up, self.


Because you aren’t really happy! You are made happy by possessions, cars, job status, looks and you lack what it takes to give up your insecurities and live your life without worrying what people will think if you are seen talking to or associating with someone that is pleasing to you.

As I stand here on my soap box, I am very thankful if you gave me the time of day, if you took time to read this and it’s very humbling to get a message that I have actually made a difference and helped someone along the way.

I thank you. I mean it; I sincerely thank each and every person who shares their life with me.

I think what prompted this thought of the day was because I have written to a few well I would say friends, but lets use the term former acquaintances, it wasn’t a long drawn out message, it was more than likely kind of corny but my intentions were good, to make that person know they were in my thoughts and I smiled that day because of them or the thought of them being a part of my life, past or present.

What disturbed me greatly was that quite a few shocked me by completely ignoring my correspondence. I think I would have preferred a snide look or a mean put down. How difficult is it to acknowledge someone? I mean honestly, when someone shows kindness to you, and its heartfelt, why would you ignore it? Oh wait, because I could possibly be an embarrassment to know? Or is that your time is more valuable than mine? No worries there, I won’t be thinking of you again, in writing or in my daily life. I will move on to people who return smiles, messages and don’t roll their eyes at the sight of me. Let me take that back.

I will think of you, if our paths should cross, I will feel very sorry for you, because I know at the rate you are going, when your looks fade, your car is on blocks or heaven forbid you start shopping at a discount store that you are going to be quite lonely. You will look back and wonder why you don’t have friends or people waving when you pass by. It’s because you got what you wanted, you put yourself in a class all by yourself, you achieved your greatness and as you look down this time, it’s not going to be from a view that atop your nose high above us all, it will be way down there with the slugs, which creep along and leave a nasty trail.

If you have to ask if I am talking about you, then by all means, please look over your life and make sure you haven’t made someone feel bad, that you accepted the kindness of others and that you aren’t on a slow spiral to Slugville all by your lonesome. I’m gonna keep smiling and urge my friends to do the same, be you, don’t let them knock ya down.. They are headed there themselves.

Get your nose out of the places they shouldn’t be and have a look, there are some beautiful, loving, very caring people out here, and all you have to do to win them over is to be genuine and present yourself as who you are, not by what you have.

Here are my thoughts! Happy Day All!

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