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Sunday, September 5, 2010

From Behind The Mask

So Luke and I were looking through some of our old stuff yesterday.
We found some old favorite books, drawing he and his brother had done, a cute dress I forgot I had, his first Duke hat and many other things we took out and said 'WOW, I totally forgot about this!" in sheer joy.
At the bottom with various notes and random keepsakes I found a forgotten mask. I do believe it was my famed Batgirl mask that I used to wear when the boys were small. I had to stop telling them I was Batgirl because Seth took it upon himself to "Tell" for show and tell, when he was still in the single digits that his Mom was truly the real Batgirl.

Of course the teacher met me at the door to inform me of his creative share.
Her face tensed as I laughed and told her her in fact yes I was the Dark Knight's female sidekick.
Whoops, some people have no sense of humor sometimes I guess.

Anyway,back to me and Luke and our find.

I put it on for old time sake. His eyes lit up and we giggled, and briefly I was again that silly Mom who used to wrap in a blanket and jump off the back of the couch.

You know wearing it I felt slightly different, well not because it didn't match my jeans and tank top and looked pretty silly as an accessory to my flip flops.
I felt like a different person. Not a feeling I really ever feel.

I took it off my cherished treasure and I was simply Teresa again.

It set my mind in motion and how hard it would be to live behind a mask.
It seems to be a trend among some people to wear a clever mask and transform into a person they really are not.

I guess it's easier to be accepted as a "character" or play a role of who you wish you were.

I know I am not accepted b y all, I know being I who i really am i am often perceived as the goof, the silly girl, the class clown, but that's just part of who I am.
If you look past all that and truly know me, I am more.

I suppose certain people might like me more or accept me if I started strutting around with my nose in the air, spouting out a list of selling points, my best features and my current do gooder acts.

I refuse.
Hey, I am Teresa, TC to some and T to many and various other nicknames but they all equal the same person, just me.

I step on toes at times, I trip standing still, I snort when I laugh and I get too loud and animated when I am excited but by golly its who I am.

I never have to worry about dropping my guard or letting my mask slip to reveal a very different person.

I wonder about those people who wear a mask to the world.
So they come home, remove it and look into the mirror and wonder who they are?
Do they wish they could be whomever they were born as?

I am me, I am not wealthy, not very graceful, not snobby but I am so ok with being me. I am loving, caring and genuine.
It saves a lot of time, I don't fake an accent, put on a front or ever worry I will be found out.

If you find you are wearing a mask, take it off for a while, you may be surprised at how much people like the REAL you and most important you just might like you better as well.

Be proud, be you. Never feel ashamed of who and where you are from, how you were made, let the sincere person you hold inside out, to be free.

Now I must go, its almost dark and well I did find my Batgirl mask.. Off to Gotham City I go!!!!
Happy Day All! Here are my thoughts!

TC ;)

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