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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Going Blind

I wish for a one day we could all be blind.
Let me explain.
If we were to all have our sight taken from us for just one single day I think we might become humble in the way we truly view the world and the people that exist in our world.

Our society has conditioned us to only accept people based on a few superficial factors.
Without sight we wouldn't be impressed with the car a person drives or the pricey clothes they choose to wear.

We wouldn't be allowed to judge another human being by their looks, the ones that appear flawless and most important those that don't.

We wouldn't be permitted to view disabilities, scars, burns or any other factor a person has fought to overcome.

How would we view the people we encounter and interact with?

We would be given a chance to see them for their inner light that shines, the beauty of voice, the touch, the feeling that person gave us.

I closed my eyes before I started writing and began to paint a picture of different people I know, leaving the alone their visible appearance.
Sadly some of those people's striking good looks faded and what I saw wasn't pretty.

Then I began to look at the people who I hold close, they became even more beautiful. Not because of the color of their hair or perfect smile, but their true beauty became so clear in my mind's eye.
I was surrounded by people who have touched me by their words, a laugh, a pretty smell, kindness, an innocent giggle and a firm, loving hand to hold.

I remember sweet little Mozelle Stout who I got to know when I worked at a nursing home.
I could hear her beautiful voice singing a hymn long before our eyes ever met.

I had to be near this woman who filled the hall with such a sweet sound.
I followed it, I felt like running to it.

There in her wheelchair was such a gorgeous soul. Did I see her wrinkled and weathered and her legs unable to carry her any longer?

I saw a perfect person before me who even at her life's end still found a reason to sing.

Did she turn me away because I slipped on the wet floor and being accident prone, because I didn’t have a nurse's badge, because I didn't fit the image of a 30 something, single Mom. OH NO!

She grabbed my hand into her feeble, loving hand and asked me to sing along.

It became our ritual, we sang, we sang everywhere, and she laughed the most innocent laugh as we got too loud.

I went to her before I left that job, her kind eyes tearing up she said "Keep singing angel."

Don't worry Miss Mozelle I won't ever stop!

I saw her obituary and it hurt to know she had left this earth but she left me with a lesson and an incredible song in my heart.

Close your eyes let your heart do all your seeing for you.
When you open your eyes you may not have 20/20 vision but I think you will start to see people for what they are and not their perfect body, botox, meaningless material possessions, you will see how amazing they are and most important how they made you feel.

Maya Angelo said you will forget what people say, but you will never forget how someone made you feel.

Close those eyes today people, and after you view the world in a new way, take a long, hard look at your own reflection and see if you like who you are.

Happy Day All.. Here are My Thoughts!

TC ;)

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