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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Sweater Itches!

Hey Everybody!
I was thinking today that I get so wrapped up in bringing you my thought for the day that I rarely ever just blog, ok I don't think I ever have!
I thought it might be nice to just write and not feel the pressure to deliver a message today.
I can't say that anything exciting happened today but maybe some of you are wondering what my day was like or perhaps you are bored and would like a peek into a not so normal day in the life of TC.

My nephew stayed over last night, which is always awesome. He just blends with us so well. Oh ok let me back up and start the day from the midnight mark.
As almost usual, I crawled into bed, tired, and ready to unwind, after a nightly dose of tunes, I picked up my latest read and of course fell asleep with a book on my face.
James Patterson is far from boring, but its my nightly ritual, it might explain why I dream often of trolling the streets of DC for a killer,waking up at 3 am with drool on my face and a sudden urge to fight crime.

I got up early, its my time to write, I got some stuff done in that department and felt pretty proud of myself.

The kids slowly began to wake up, and I trudged into the kitchen to make breakfast. I always act like its such a chore but it is something I love doing.
The norm was dished out, sausage gravy, biscuits and grits.. Ahhh southern delight.
After clean up and kudos from the gang I slipped into my glamorous everyday attire.
Tie dyed tank, jeans, itchy cute navy sweater and flip flops. I doused myself in my favorite smells and then looked at my hair in horror, I managed a low pony tail and called it awesome!
After a few magic tricks from my youngest son who totally baffles me with the simplest of tricks I chatted a lil with the teenagers and made plans for our upcoming rocking New Year's Eve party.

I made a list of must haves for the big festivities and I think if I am crazy enough to have that many teenagers at my house at once I am going to need some time of prescription meds or a bottle of happy juice. Just kidding!

My daddy stopped by and of course that always makes me happy.

The day rolled on.. a few phone calls, a spilled cup of coffee, some yummy peanut butter balls from my step mom and the day was breezing by pretty smooth.

I Googled a while, I like to look up very random things and become totally engrossed. Wait, was I about to do? I dunno, so I Googled on!

Here we are a couple of frozen pizzas for dinner( oh hush Paula Deen, I get a Mom free card sometimes ya know), I sit here typing about useless things.
Nah they aren't useless.. I spent the day with my favorite people, laughter everywhere, music ALWAYS playing in our house feeling full of peanut butter thingys and meat lovers pizza. My diet Pepsi to my left and my coffee to my right, my ponytail now trailing over to the left side I suppose from hanging off the bed while I talked on the phone.

I would like for you to control your excitement, some days aren't this full of ohhhhs and ahhhhhs.. If only it were summer, I would have more to report.

So now I must go search for my favorite rock t shirt and flannel jammie pants and proceed to listen to off the wall music that pops in my head and possibly do some more writing.
So there is My day, Wednesday December 29th, 2010.. maybe not the most entertaining to some, but I liked it, so skip on I shall..

TC ;)

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